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Royal Hospitality & Trading Group consists of three integrated business units each diversified in the market to provide premium quality products. We specialize in manufacturing goods to your requirement to provide ready-made and custom build linen, bedding & toiletries and are a key player for corporate & medical wear.

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Providing remarkable value for our stakeholders and aiding the clients in creating a pleasant lasting hospitality experience for their customers through our state of the art collection.

We want to “WOW!” our customers experience every time they have an interaction with us


Directly consult with one of our professionals to guide you according to your needs.

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Browse through our off-the-shelf collection and get it delivered to your door steps.


With the assistance of our experts, you can customize our products however you like.
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Browse through our diverse range of collections. We have something for everyone!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Thread count is a measure of the number of threads woven into one square inch of fabric. Essentially, it’s a measure of how tightly woven a fabric is.

Thread count is used as a rough indicator of the softness and feel of a fabric. It’s also used heavily in marketing to imply that a specific product is of a higher quality than competing sheets.

Sateen sheets have a heavier, smoother finish that boasts a silky feel and a slight sheen.

Percale sheets have a tight, flat cotton weave with a crisp feel. Percale sheets are better for those who sleep hot or live in warmer climates and will give you a crisp, cool sleep year-round

GSM is an abbreviation for "grams per square meter" and is a measure of a towel's weight. A general guideline to GSM ranges in cotton towels is as follows:

300 to 400 GSM: Lightweight, thinner, budget friendly

400 to 600 GSM: Medium to higher weight, soft and absorbent, good for bath or beach towels

700 to 900 GSM: Highest, heavy weight, soft and absorbent, high-priced, a luxury towel